LEM for schools

You do not have to be an expert in programming to effectively implement the core curriculum of the subject of Computer Science in areas related to programming and to enable the development of students interested in this subject. You can also use the LEM platform by conducting classes in programming and operating databases during extracurricular activities, adult courses, professional development of employees, etc.

You can test the LEM platform with your students for free for two months! All you need to do is create a free individual account and register your school.

LEM platform

The award-winning, innovative LEM platform is a tool supporting individual and group programming learning. It is already used by tens of thousands of students and teachers. Some of the world’s largest municipal and regional digital education projects are based on the platform.

The platform includes programming and database management courses in professional programming languages, as well as extensive and easy-to-use tools for teachers, allowing them to effectively use the platform to work with students at school. The platform is aimed at young people aged approximately 12 to 112.

Programming courses

On the platform you will find C++, Python, SQL courses and a short introductory course to JAVA. You can use the courses when working with students at school. Standard courses will be especially useful for students interested in programming and for extracurricular activities. An ideal solution for Computer Science lessons is a special “Python for schools” course, based on the core curriculum of this subject, in the part related to programming. This course is better suited to the abilities of the average student. SQL and C ++ school courses are also under preparation.

Learning through practice

Learning on the LNU platform is about solving programming tasks in practice, i.e. writing real source code or asking questions to real databases. The platform interface includes a development environment that allows you to edit the source code file and run the written program. Each lesson consists of an introduction on a specific issue and problem that should be solved by writing a program or – in the case of the SQL language – by asking the appropriate database query.

If your students encounter difficulties in solving the problem, they can use the hint, and if it turns out to be insufficient – also the help of a consultant via the contact form. Teachers also have access to a special tab with an example, correct solution of the task in order to be able to better prepare for work with students and be able to help them.

Automatic evaluation of solutions

The written and launched solution is subject to immediate, fully automatic evaluation. The results are returned in a fraction of a second and presented in the tabs with the program output data, tests, descriptions of possible errors and tips. This allows you and your students to individually adjust the pace and duration of learning. Automatic evaluation of work will allow you to conduct classes with a large group of students very effectively, focusing on people who will have problems with solving individual tasks.

Tracking students’ work

Working with students will be facilitated by access to detailed statistics of their activity on the platform, statistics of individual lessons, and even a preview of the solutions to the tasks of each student. In the group management tab, you can flexibly add new people to the group, assign access to specific courses to individual students, and see their overall progress and current attendance.

To facilitate remote work, there is also a chat to which you can invite all group members. A group can have many administrators, so there are no obstacles for other teachers from your school to join the platform.


Learning how to program can be difficult, but with LEM it’s never boring! Gamification is built into the platform from the very beginning. Together with your students, gain new ranks, achievements, medals, and resources that can be useful in some tasks. Climb the school and individual rankings by having fun and competing with other schools. Take on challenging missions in which you need to demonstrate not only skills in various areas of computer science, but also logical thinking and a sense of humor …

Python For Schools

The package includes unlimited student licenses for the Python for Schools course and two teacher licenses as administrators of a Premium Access School Account.

Price: 239$

Access: 12 months

Computer Club

The package includes 15 Premium licenses for students with access to the following courses: Python Level 1, SQL Level 1, Python for schools and two licenses for teachers as administrators of a school account with Premium access.

Price 699$

Access: 12 months

IT Class

The package includes 30 Premium licenses for students with access to the following courses: Python Level 1, SQL Level 1, an unlimited number of licenses for the Python course for schools and two licenses for teachers as administrators of the school account with Premium access.

Price 949$

Access: 12 months

Details of the courses included in the packages

Python For Schools

A course with Python problems on the basis of computer science in the part concerning programming and using a computer to solve problems. Course to be used during the lessons. Issues: exit statements, arithmetic operations, variables, functions, conditional statements, while loop, sequences: strings, tuples, lists; for loop, data types and their conversion.

11 chapters / 86 lessons

Python Level 1

Basics of Python programming. Issues: Basic level: variables and strings, functions, if and while, sequences part 1, sequences part. 2, projection, sets, dictionaries, exceptions and working with text files.

7 chapters / 169 lessons

SQL Level 1

The first level of the SQL language course. Issues: introduction, SELECT search, sorting, limiting, WHERE filter clause, logical operators, arithmetic operators, aggregate functions, grouping, table modification.

5 chapters / 116 lessons

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